Kindred Spotlight: Cesar Caraballo, LISTEN Study Coordinator

Kindred Spotlight: Cesar Caraballo, LISTEN Study Coordinator

Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started in health research?    

I grew up in Colombia, where I went to medical school and worked as a general practitioner before joining Yale. I’ve been involved in clinical research since my first year of medical school and have had great mentors. 

What drives you to do the work you do?  

I find purpose by helping others in my clinical work, research, and personal life. As a child, I was taught to strive to become a better version of myself to serve others better. I still hold on to that motivation.  

Is there something memorable about your career you wish to share?  

Working as a general practitioner in Colombia, I witnessed how barriers to timely medical care, however trivial they may seem, can have devastating consequences on people’s health and lives.  

Although the magnitude of the problem may differ, I was sadly surprised to find that millions of people in the United States also forego or postpone medical care due to cost, transportation, appointment availability, and other barriers.    

How has your experience in research impacted your views regarding the pandemic?  

Working on LISTEN and other COVID-19-related projects helped me see through the numbers in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The experiences that participants have shared with us have shed light on the challenges faced by millions and added urgency to my efforts to look for solutions. 

What drew you to LISTEN as a study investigator?  

When the pandemic started, my research group's attention shifted to helping however we could. Dr. Krumholz invited me to participate as a coordinator of the LISTEN study, and I was happy to contribute as it aligned with my purpose.  

What most excites you about the work you’re doing with Kindred and the LISTEN study?  

Focusing on the patient's experience with their condition is fascinating and can help us better understand the individual's health trajectory. I'm happy to be part of a study where the participants' voices are the center of all efforts.  

Tell us about your vision for LISTEN.  

LISTEN is a way to help collect the experience of individuals to identify gaps in our knowledge of their conditions and find potential solutions for their symptoms. This will be based on each person’s experience and rigorous scientific method.  

Last question: Just wondering, did you have any childhood heroes?  

As cliché as this might sound, my childhood heroes were my parents. As a kid, I admired their dedication to their children and their love for their patients. They were—and still are—my role models.  

Is there anything else you’d like to share?  

I’m happy to have the privilege of working with the amazing people from Hugo Health Kindred who have made LISTEN possible. Thank you.  


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