Healthcare Data and You: Understanding the Connection

Healthcare Data and You: Understanding the Connection

The idea of sharing your data can evoke various reactions from people of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of how we engage online, we are right to have a “spidey” sense of caution when using our data on the internet.  

At Hugo Health Kindred, we understand that working on the technology to make it possible for people to gather their health data is only half the solution. We also must help people feel comfortable and safe in the process, which we recognize is a big ask. 

Over the next 2 months, we'll show you how and why having access to your health data can be your superpower. When you're "data enabled," you're ready to help advance research more quickly and efficiently.  

 We have developed four modules for this campaign:  

  1. Security and privacy of your data 
  2. How your data are used 
  3. how to collect your data
  4. The future of health data's impact on research and empowering others

We look forward to sharing lots of helpful information via articles, videos, infographics, and tutorials. We'll also launch a new series called "Ktalks"–informational gatherings with subject matter experts on areas of interest beyond COVID. Our first Ktalk will be in April with attorney James Ward, a data privacy law expert. More details to follow.  

If you've used tech apps before to connect your financial and banking records, we must acknowledge that the technology required to connect your health data is a bit more complicated than the technology behind connecting your financial data. Health tech is still years behind financial technology, but a lot can be achieved with what is available today.   

It's exciting to navigate the future evolution of connectivity in healthcare. You're truly a pioneer, and we thank you for your patience and your support.   

As always, please reach out with comments, questions, and feedback.   

Leslie Krumholz

Leslie Krumholz

Co-founder, CEO of Hugo Health

As co-founder and CEO of Hugo Health, Leslie is committed to making health information more accessible to people through technology. Hugo Health Kindred is an extension of Leslie’s work as a social entrepreneur, focusing on improving communities through innovative approaches to information and education. She has co-founded and directed two educational non profit organizations and has provided leadership in programming for women and children, community education and curriculum development for community organizations. Leslie has four children and 2 grandchildren.

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