The Sloth: A Poem About Long COVID

The Sloth: A Poem About Long COVID

I am the sloth 

The sloth is me 

This is life 

With long COVID, you see 


I wake in the morning 

But can’t leave my bed 

‘Til the sun is way past 

Straight overhead 


I’m a windup toy 

In need of a twist 

I’m a cellphone depleted 

But no charger exists 


That is able to give me 

The energy I need 

I sleep and I rest 

My body pays no heed 


My life is in slow-mo 

There’s only one speed 

How I wish I could go back 

And be the old me 


But I am the sloth 

The sloth is me 

And this is life 

With long COVID, you see 


Ruby Engel is a first-wave long hauler who was also injured by the vaccine. Despite a mild reinfection at the beginning of 2022 which triggered some new issues, her long COVID symptoms are improving. Her mobility is still limited, but she's starting to see glimmers of her former self. 

She has found humor and connecting with other long haulers to be especially helpful in coping with this life-changing illness. Ruby is a co-moderator of a weekly Zoom support group in the Long Covid Support Group on Facebook and co-administrator of the Covid Long Haulers Humour Therapy Facebook group.

Before COVID, she earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Ruby went on to create and run the Westchester, New York chapter of the Interfaith Community (a non-profit organization supporting Jewish-Christian families) for a decade before becoming the organization’s national Program Director. 

When she's not with her husband, two daughters, or soft-coated wheaten terrier, you'll most likely find her at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York - a live music venue she attends frequently where she also volunteers. 

Kindred Contributor

Kindred Contributor

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